Immediate implant placement

Immediate implants are used for many problems and usually work even better than your own teeth. They offer a good and quick solution for missing teeth, chewing and gum problems, root canal treatments and destroyed teeth.

Immediate implantation is a globally recognized and frequently used procedure. We have more than 15 years of experience with implants and are known for our reliable and professional work.

The immediate implant can be inserted faster than conventional implants.

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In most cases, the framework can be tested in 1-3 days and a long-term temporary or fixed denture can be fitted in 3-5 days.

The time may vary slightly depending on the patient’s bone strength.

After this period at the latest, you can give the world a radiant smile with a denture. Even hopeless cases can be treated efficiently.

People with comorbidities or heavy smokers benefit from the new technology, since no bone augmentation is necessary and inflammation is prevented in this procedure.

You get new teeth at a reasonable price and the treatment is faster than with conventional methods, which is why immediate implants are becoming increasingly popular.

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In 3-5 days without bone formation

Before and after in one session

For anxious patients in twilight sleep or general anesthesia

Panoramaröntgen vor Sofortimplantation
Panoramaröntgen nach Sofortimplantation

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