Advantages of immediate implants

What are the benefits of immediately loadable implants?

I am often asked what are the three main benefits to immediate implants.

This can be summed up as follows: the treatment is fast, it is safe and it is painless. The treatment is quick because we don’t have to wait for the implants to heal. And it is safe because many additional procedures, such as bone augmentation, are avoided. And it is also painless because normally no major surgery is necessary to insert the implants.

The particular advantage is that we do not have to wait for the implants to heal, but we can provide the implants with the bridge immediately, even in cases where teeth are extracted at the same time. They say there’s no waiting, and that’s what makes the treatment so quick. And by the way, the treatment is of course also cheaper.

The cortical bone in which the implants are placed does not resorb. Even at an advanced age, it still offers the maximum stability for a Swiss immediate implant. In addition, no bone augmentation or sinus lift is required for an immediately loadable implant because the cortical bone is so hard.

The success rate of an immediate implantation in Hungary is accordingly very high and patients are treated with significantly fewer risks than with the traditional method. Peri-implantitis, a painful and dangerous inflammation, can quickly develop around traditional 2-phase implants.

However, this infection has not yet been detected when using Swiss immediate implants. Immediate implantation in Hungary is not only significantly cheaper, but also offers significantly longer-term security. Of course, the biggest advantage is of course the almost immediate resilience of the Swiss immediate implants.

After about 5 days, the patient can eat, speak and, of course, smile again without any problems.

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